HI I’m Joey Emory and with Jennifer Emory my wife we are the “The MyAIr Productions Puppetry Team”.  We create custom puppets props sounds and lighting effects, Our performances throughout the  West Michigan Area have been enjoyed by thousands of Children and Adults.

MyAir Productions Puppetry was created in 2008 with a goal to bring the amazing art of Puppetry to the West Michigan area.  Since that time we have come a long way.   Seeing your interest in our vision (Your amazing reaction) we were inspired to create the MyAir Productions Puppet Barn, a casual theater space  Where we can create, perform and share this amazing Art with you.  Our Puppet Barn goal is to become the BIGGEST little Puppet Theater in West Michigan. Your participation has placed us well on the road to That goal. “Thank You”

Puppetry is an intimate art form and best enjoyed in that close interactive venue.  Our  Barn seats 65 people comfortably has an Air Conditioned climate that makes it an enjoyable experience all year around.  MyAir Productions create 3 Open To The Public Performances per year (For now) Our MyAir Productions Produced shows include A Summer, Halloween and Christmas performances. and The Puppet Barn invites one  Open To the Public Guest performance in the Spring each year, we have been blessed with so many performers from all over the country that have visited and filled this show each year.  Look at our Performance schedule for our next show. 


The MyAir Productions Puppet Barn is not “JUST A BARN”.  It’s a creative space where artists can create, produce and complete their productions in an environment conducive to the creative essence that underpins every great show.

So if your ready to build your show or looking for an amazing place to do that final production and practice work, contact us to discuss what we have to offer you.  Lodging, Workshops and a full array of production equipment are available  here at the MyAir Productions Puppet Barn including audio visual editing equipment.

Our newest goal has been to create customized variety shows for your next  Birthday party or other celebration here in the MyAir Productions Puppet Barn or an on location performances at your home, church or other venue.  Contact us for more information about these offerings.  We look so much forward to your next visit to the MyAir Productions Puppet Barn.